Investment Program


Rahmania is operating by generous donations of the donors, however, learning from our 10+ years of existence, we learned that donations are highly fluctuating in a number we cannot predict, and on the other hand we have moral obligations to continue to support our managed orphans and poor children. Therefore, Rahmania decided to invest the “eternity funds” in order to generate incomes to be able to continue supporting the needy. The investment projects are as follows:

  • Year 2010 - BPR (Bank Pembiayaan Rakyat/Microfinance Bank) Syariah, Bireun, Aceh: Rahmania invests in 25% shares in the BPR Syariah.


  • Year 2008 - Rahmania Agro: Rahmania invested in purchasing 100 Hectares of land in North Aceh. The main objective of Rahmania Agro is to include community in this program in order not to only gain income but also to gain upgraded knowledge and methodology for farming and planting, with the hope that by gaining more and better knowledge, the people could have more perspective future. Rahmania Agro includes the following projects:

o    Palm Plantations (2nd Year)
o    Palm Seed Projects
o    Hardwood Tree planting
o    Animal Farm – Cattle (currently 17 cattle)

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