Special Projects

Rebuild Aceh with Heart

Rahmania managed and distributed scholarships to ± 300 children out of 2200 applications of Tsunami victims from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) sponsored by PT Allianz Insurance Life, Give2Asia Foundation – USA, Western Beijing Academy and Yayasan Noordeen (Givelight).

Rahmania collaborated with PT Arun NGL, Bank Muamalat, and Kolej Yayasan Melaka (KYM) to provide scholarships to 25 selected students, victims of tsunami, age 18 yrs old to attend 1-year Vocational Training course in KYM, Malaysia.

Rahmania collaborated with Exxon Mobil Oil n Indonesia and PPPGT (Pusat Pengembangan Penatarentan Guru Teknologi)/VEDC (Vocational Education Development Center) Malang to send 20 students, victims of tsunami, age 18 yrs old to participate in Motorcycle Technician Training

Rahmania build and operates dormitory called Panti Asuhan Rahmania Foundation (PARF) in Cunda, Lhokseumawe, sponsored by Schering Foudnation and Indo-Germ. The dormitory consists of 25 children victims of tsunami and confilict in Aceh.

Rahmania organized seminars related to Tsunami in Aceh:

  • RF collaborated with UNICEF, UNDP, Japan Foundation, Taman Iskandar Muda (TIM) and Peace Network organized the following seminars:
    • “Role of Pesantren on Child Protection Post Tsunami in Aceh”
    • “Empowering Women in Aceh”
  • RF collaborated with PonPes Jeumala Amal and PT Arun NGL as the sponsored organized a seminar with the topic “Psychology Social & Child Development in Pesantren”
  • RF collaborated with Dompet Dhuafa – Baznas organized a national seminar with the theme “Rebuild Aceh based upon Empowerment, Religious, and Cultural Approaches”. This event was sponsored by PT Arun NGL, BRR (Badan Rehabilitasi & Rekonstruksi) NAD & Nias, ExxonMobil Oil Indonesia, Aceh Sepakat Foundation, Adhimix, and Coca Cola.


Rahmania collaborated with YASMIN to provide Teacher Up-Grading program for teachers in Madrasah and deprived areas in Aceh Utara.

Rahmania Built and Operates building sponsored by various sponsors from around the globe, they are:

  • Schering and Indo-Germ sponsored to build PARF and Training Center at Cunda, Lhokseumawe. The program of the training is assisted by Suzuki Motor Indonesia.

  • Deutche Bank sponsored to build Aceh International Training Center and Automotive Workshop at Bireun, with total land area 1,760 sqm, and a 600 sqm 2 storey building.

  • Davis Langdon and Seah (a British Company) sponsored a building in Trienggading, Aceh Pidie, with total land area of 5,000 sqm, and a building with 10 bedrooms, 2 classrooms, and 1 function room.

  • Give2 Asia Foundation from United States of America sponsored a building for a Training Center in Blang Panjang, Lhokseumawe. The building with 10 bedrooms, 1 function room, and 4 class rooms is frequently used for empowerment women and youth in Aceh program.

Happy Camp Program

Rahmania built Happy Camp/Rumah Ceria (RC) for the children victims of the earthquake in West Sumatera. RC aims to give back the happiness of the children affected by the earthquake. The program includes story- telling, lots of drawing – singing – fun games, and outbound/adventures. The program served 600 children from 3 damaged-villages. This program is supported and in-cooperation with Daarutl Tauhiid (DT)

Rahmania organized teacher program : “Menjadi Guru Ngaji yg Menyenangkan” in West Sumatera.

Rahmania donated funds to victims of earthquake in West Java, and building materials to rebuild some damaged mosques.

Rahmania distributed donations to victims of Earthquake in Bantul area, Central Java collaborated with 4wd Community and supported by RRI (Radio Republik Indonesia).
Rahmania rebuilt 2 multi-function rooms in school area in Bantul, Central Java.

Ifthar with The Needy

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslim fulfill the important religious duty of fasting for the sake of Allah. During the month of Ramadan all Muslim will be enjoying the barakah and blessing of this holy month. It’s a time to seek the forgiveness and an opportunity to reap great spiritual rewards for acts of devotion and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and acts of charity.

A way for us to reap great spiritual rewards is to help feed the poor and the fasting. In keeping with tradition, Rahmania Foundation is seeking donations of funds in cash or in kind to provide nutritious, halal ifthar meals and gifts to orphans and underprivileged children.

In the 15 years that Rahmania Foundation has been running this program we have learned that the ifthar meal, that you have most generously contributed to in the past, is often the best meal of the year for most of the participating children.

Just imagine that a donation of only Rp. 500.000 can pay for ifthar for between 10 – 15 children a day. What a small price that is to see the joy and gratitude on the children’s faces and Inshaallah will also earn Allah’s promised rewards!!

Here is your chance to embrace the orphans and feed the needy in this month of many blessings. On behalf of the children we sincerely thank you for your continued assistance and support over the past years. Inshaallah, Allah SWT will accept your good deeds and ease your burdens. Aamin.

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