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Often, people forget the social dimension of religion, focusing on mere rituals instead. They might spend billion rupiah on building big and nice mosques but might do little, for the poor and orphans.

It is the responsibility of every individual within the Muslim, to ensure that orphans are taken care of. Rahmania Foundation is striving to provide relief and support to orphans in the most needy communities in Indonesia . Through your generous donations, Rahmania Foundation currently supports orphans and needy child in a variety of provinces, providing them with food, clothing and a quality education. We were striving to provide a decent living and a good education for those poor children.

There are still many obstacles children and adults alike have to overcome in order to access an education and we do our outmost to eliminate every barrier to helping people learn. We try to help every child get the very best from education, by your help, inshaallah


Again this year Rahmania Foundation / RF inshaAllah will arrange a special program on Ramadhan “Ifthaar / Dinner with Orphans and Needy”. InshaAllah RF will invite 3000 orphans and dhuafa to join in to this program from 08 May – 31 May 2019. But RF will not be able to do this program without any supports from colleagues and other parties.

With only Rp. 1.000.000,00 for 10 orphans, you can support us in making the program successful and giving a bit of smile and happiness to the orphans and dhuafa. Your generosity is meaningful to them.

May Allah SWT bestow His mercy and blessing upon you and your beloved family during Ramadhan and always. Aamin.

Pelepasan Santri RF Angkatan IV Tahun ajaran 2018/2019

Santri panti asuhan Rahmania Foundation saat ini berjumlah 35 anak, terdiri dari kelas 1 tsanawiyah 20 anak dan 15 anak kelas 3 tsanawiyah. Alhamdulillah pada hari Rabu tanggal 01 Mei 2019 telah dilaksanakan acara Pelepasan untuk 15 Santri Tsanawiyah Rahmania Foundation Angkatan IV Tahun ajaran 2018/2019 di Panti Asuhan Rahmania Foundation di Cunda, Lhokseumawe.

Ya Allah tambahkanlah kebaikan kebaikan kepada mereka, sejahterakanlah, berikanlah keberkahan dan keluasan ilmu yang bermanfaat, dan limpahkan kesabaran dan keikhlasan kepada mereka. Berikanlah kepada mereka ilmu yang bermanfaat serta kefahaman yang luas. Jadikanlah ilmu yang telah mereka dapatkan itu sebagai penerang jalannya menapaki masa depan yang cerah sehingga mereka bisa menjadi anak yang berguna bagi agama, keluarga, bangsa dan negara. Aamiin


Rahmania  Foundation as an institution that concern on education, social, again this year will coordinate the purchase and distribution of your Qurban sacrifice and ensure the neediest will receive the meat as we cooperated and synergized with our links in  some locations in Jabodetabek, Jawa Barat and Aceh.

One Cow or Buffalo will costs about Rp.17.500.000,- The cow or buffalo can be shared by as many as 7 donors ( Rp. 2.500.000,-/donor).

We will arrange your contribution to be combined with others for the purchase of a cow or buffalo. Our preference is to provide cows or buffalo since they give much more meat.

Last year we provided 7 cows and 5 goat and distributed to some locations in Jakarta,West Java and Aceh,and also we are very happy to distribute to Lombok, NTB and Nias, North Sumatra (list attached).

With your support we expect to increase the amount of “Qurban” and provide more for the poorest people and orphan.

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