Children are reflection of a nation’s future, the better life quality the children of a nation can enjoy, the greater the chances for the nation to advance.

Nowadays there are so many disadvantaged poor orphans countrywide. They have to leave school and enter the work force like adults; some of them work on farming, fishing industry, shoe polishing, selling newspapers on streets, and even busking or becoming street musicians during the time they should be studying in school and playing with their mates.

Seeing such life conditions of the Indonesian children, the Rahman Abbas family and friends were compelled to find ways of helping these children. With this noble purpose in mind, Rahmania Foundation was established on the first day of November, 1996, centered at Jalan Danau Poso No. 156, Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta Pusat; registered at Ny. Asmara Noer, S.H. Public Notary, No. 3/1996. The foundation is also registered the Jakarta Social Board, Registration No. 99.10601.708.

During its initial stage, the foundation was mainly supported by the members of the Abbas family and friends, and the program was mainly on providing educational assistance to orphans and neediest children to enable them stay in school or return to school. However, the foundation gradually gains more supports from society at large, from both individuals and organizations. Some even encouraged the foundation to extend and expand its program beyond providing educational assistance.

The first expansion was initiated in 1998 by constructing a vocational training center in Lhokseumawe, North Aceh on a 1000m2 land. Immediate supports and encouragement were received from industries and friends in North Aceh. On handling this pilot project, an autonomous branch of Rahmania Foundation was set up in North Aceh.

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