1. ARUN NGL, PT, Company

Contact Person: Mr. Aknasio Sabri, President Director

Mr. Fauzi Husin, Vice President Director

2. Allianz Life Indonesia, PT.

Contact Person: Mr. Martin Hintz, Assistant Manager

3. Aneka Tambang, PT.

Contact Person: Mr. Ibrahim S, SH, Senior Manager-Corporate Social Responsibility

4. Australian National University, Canberra

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Virginia Hooker

5. British Woman Association Jakarta

Contact Person: Mrs. Agnes Rowley, Vice Chairman

6. Bank Muamalat Indonesia

Contact Person: Mr. A. Riawan Amin, President Director

Mr. H. M. Hidayat, Director


Contact Person: Mr. Jan Roennfeld, Managing Director

8. German Centre, Jakarta

Contact Person: Mr. Jochen Sautter, President Director

9. Indonesian-Netherlands Association (INA)

Contact Person: Mr. Elmar Bouma, Director

Mr. Ariefin Makaminan, Asistant Business Dev. Manager

10. ING Bank NV, Representative Office in Indonesia

Contact Person: Mr. Irwan M. Habsjah, Managing Director & Country Head

11. Islamic City (The Global Muslim e-Community), USA

Contact Person: Mr. Shakeel Syed

12. Islamic Relief

Contact Person: Mr. Abdel Salam, Director of Media and PR

Ms. Erma Wati, Project Officer

13. Islamic Development Bank

Contact Person: Mr. Mohamed Hameduddin, Special Assistance Office

14. One Ummah Foundation, USA –

Contact Person: Mr. Muhammad Saed Ur Rahman, Chairman

15. Peace Network Indonesia

Contact Person: Mrs. Miryam Nainggolan, Project Director

16. Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM)

Contact Person: Mr. Aries Mufti, Director

17. SCOMI Group, Malaysia

Contact Person: Mr. Shah Hakim bin Zain, CEO

18. The Japan Foundation

Contact Person: Ms. Maho Sato (Tokyo)

Mr. Tsukamoto Norihisa (Assistant Director, Jakarta)

Mr. Dipo Siahaan (Assistant Program Officer, Jakarta)

19. Jakarta Japanese School

Contact Person: Mr. Hiroshi Saito, Director for Community Relations

20. The Asia Foundation, Jakarta

Contact Person: Ms. Robin Bush, Ph.D, Director, Islam, Civil Society and Education Program

Ms. Sandra Hamid, Aceh Civil Society Initiatives Coordinator

21. Give 2 Asia, California, USA

Contact Person: Ms. Stephanie Ghertner, Grants & Program Officer

Mr. Nathaniel Myers, Assistant Program Officer, Aceh Programs

22. The Dragon School, UK

Contact Person: Ms. Louise Milford

23. UNICEF Indonesia

Contact Person: Ms. Birgithe Lund-Henriksen, Chief, Child Protection Unit

Mrs. Lina Sofiani, Assistant Project Officer-Peace building, Emergency Unit

24. UNDP – CRP Unit

Contact Person: Mr. Kristanto Sinandang, CRP Unit, Aceh

25. Yayasan Dharma Bhakti Astra (YDBA)

Contact Person: Mr. M. Iqbal, Manager

26. Western Academy of Beijing, China

Contact Person: Ms. Lena Koh Maltesen

27. Deutsche Bank, Jakarta

Contact Person: Mr. Jaya R. Azhairie, Senior Implementation Manager

28. Davis Langdon & Seah, Jakarta

Contact Person: Mr. Stephen Osborne, Director

Mrs. Haelly Hamid, Director

29. PT. Schering Indonesia

Contact Person: Mr. Uwe Dalichow, President Director

Mr. Iwan Suhardjo, Head of Div. Finance & Administration

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